What About Bottled Water?

Media literacy and critical thinking lesson analyzing videos and TV commercials to discern messages about decisions to purchase or not purchase bottled water.

Corporate Greenwashing? Exxon and Greenpeace

This is a media literacy and critical thinking activity in which students decode an ExxonMobil commercial and an environmental advocacy video for conflicting messages about corporate advertising credibility and about human impact on the environment.

Consumerism and Sustainability

Media literacy and critical thinking lesson asking students to consider their own consumer decisions relating to sustainability through a process of decoding TV commercials and videos about bottled water.

Make a One-minute Eco-film

In this activity, students are encouraged to produce a one-minute eco-film using the “remoscope” technique, capturing a static view of something in nature. This creative exercise prompts students to contemplate how the media portrays “nature” while embracing the concept of “slow media,” fostering a deeper connection with their subject.

Defining Sustainability

Media literacy and critical thinking lesson analyzing textual and diagrammatic definitions of sustainability presented by diverse corporate and civil society sources.

Climate Denial Inquiry Model

The Climate Denial Inquiry Model (CDIM) is featured in the book, How to Confront Climate Denial: Literacy, Social Studies, and Climate Change, by James S. Damico and Mark C. Baildon. This webpage offers a step-by-step guide to analyzing climate disinformation and denial in the media.

Infographics for Environmental Communication

Students utilize online infographic tools to craft a visual means of environmental communication, allowing them to concisely convey and analyze environmental issues. Through the creation of infographics, students articulate claims about environmental problems, employ research-based communication strategies, and enhance their information and visual literacy skills, which are essential for evaluating research credibility and meaningfully connecting imagery with ideas.

Indigenous Media Making: Affirming Identity

In this activity, students explore various perspectives on cultural pride within Indigenous communities worldwide, critically assessing media messages related to Indigenous culture and pride. Through this analysis, students gain insight into how both contemporary and traditional media play pivotal roles in fostering social change and cultural continuity, while also contemplating the profound impact of identity on shaping individual perspectives.