Ecomedia Literacy: Principles and Practices

This short article offers practical insights and strategies for incorporating ecomedia literacy into media education, addressing the urgent need to foster environmental consciousness and media engagement in today’s interconnected world. By presenting a diverse array of educational activities and methods, it equips educators and learners with tools to navigate and critically evaluate the complex relationships between media, ecology, and society.

Consumerism and Sustainability

Media literacy and critical thinking lesson asking students to consider their own consumer decisions relating to sustainability through a process of decoding TV commercials and videos about bottled water.

Media Constructions of Environment, Sustainability, and Environmental Justice

Project Look Sharp logo

Project Look Sharp offers standards-aligned lessons that empower students to decode media depictions related to the environment, sustainability, and environmental justice, covering a wide array of topics from climate change to economics. Its constructivist media decoding approach can be applied across multiple subject areas, including science, social science, history, language arts, and more, providing a versatile pedagogical resource for educators.

Defining Sustainability

Media literacy and critical thinking lesson analyzing textual and diagrammatic definitions of sustainability presented by diverse corporate and civil society sources.

Chobani Ad: Dear Alice

This short animated Choboni ad about the future of food production can be useful for exploring different environmental discourses, including pastoral, food, and sustainability. It can be used to generate a discussion about food, agriculture, eco-modernism, and mechanism.