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Resource Type: Curriculum Materials Workshop

Level: Intermediate

This workshop series educates participants on sustainability through interactive sessions on media’s role in natural resources, community, and individual sustainability, with activities including research collaboration and media creation to address sustainability issues. Adaptable for different ages and settings, the workshops promote critical thinking and awareness of media’s influence on sustainability

Learning outcomes

  • Understand Sustainability through Media: Participants will learn how media forms, content, and production intersect with sustainability issues, and how adjustments in
  • media consumption and production can promote better sustainability practices.
  • Active Learning and Collaboration: Participants will actively engage in researching sustainability issues relevant to natural resources, communities, and individual practices.
  • They will collaborate to create media that addresses these issues and develop actionable plans for change.
  • Critical Thinking and Media Production: The workshop aims to cultivate critical thinking about the differences in media forms and devices, their production, distribution, and the natural resources required. Participants will create media messages to raise awareness and encourage sustainability.
  • Community Engagement and Awareness: Participants will explore how different media forms and content can be used within communities to address environmental.

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