Audi ad: Norway says no way to Will Ferrell

Audi responds to the GM Super Bowl ad with it’s own version of an electric vehicle (EV) ad. It can be used to explore humor and corporate framing of environmental issues. It is suggested to be watched with the GM Will Ferrell ad and Norway’s response.

Will Ferrell’s Super Bowl GM EV Ad

General Motors and Will Ferrell make fun of Norway in this 2021 Super Bowl ad. It can be used to discuss the idea of green nationalism and conservatism. It should be viewed along with Audi and Norway’s response.

Ford’s EV Ad: Organic Compost

Pashon Murray, founder of Detroit Dirt (, parodies the Cadillac ELR Coupe Super Bowl ad. It shows a version of the American Dream in which an entrepreneurial Black women succeeds by creating a business of organic compost. This video should be juxtaposed with the Cadillac Super Bowl ad and can be used as the basis of a discussion about competing visions of the American Dream (who it includes or excludes and its impact on the environment). This ad can be used to explore ecological values. It can also be used in any discussion about the range of environmental politics portrayed in advertising.

Cadillac EV Super Bowl Ad: The American Dream?

This Cadillac 2014 Commercial is for their electric vehicle (EV) ELR Coupe. Explore with students how it represents the American Dream and its connection with class status, race, and gender. The ad is promoting an EV, but are the beliefs and values depicted beneficial or damaging to the environment? Compare this ad with Ford’s Upside: Anything is Possible ad.