Short video on the carbon footprint of streaming video.


Like Julia, get to know that working on lowering your climate footprint means thinking about digital habits and consumption as well. Smartphones, data centers and networks need energy and precious resources to be produced and then run. Consuming energy, producing electricity, mining resources, etc… these activities all lead to greenhouse gas emissions. That is why byte by byte of data, with each second of a video, a bit more carbon dioxide gets released into the atmosphere. It’s invisible for you now, but not for our climate, for which the global consequences are already visible.

More about what YouTube, Netflix, and pornography have to do with climate change: “Climate crisis: the unsustainable use of online video” :

The Shift Project is a non-profit organization working towards a decarbonized economy: This video was released in partnership with Science Explainers, who empowers researchers with digital marketing:

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