Among Giants: Short Documentary About Tree Sitting

Synopsis: “Risking injury and incarceration, an environmental activist disrupts the clear-cutting of an ancient redwood grove by sitting on a tiny platform a hundred feet up in the tree canopy. Already three years into the tree-sit when filming begins, AMONG GIANTS blends vérité cinematography with intimate personal reflection to remarkable effect.” This can be compared to how advertisers represent environmental activism. It can also be used to explore environmental ideology.

On Common Ground: Alexis Bonogofsky

Synopsis: “On Common Ground tells the authentic stories of individuals whose lives have been shaped by our public lands. Taken together, these stories remind us of all that we stand to lose if we sell, pollute, privatize or otherwise destroy the literal common ground we share as Americans. As go our public lands, so goes our democracy. Today, both stand imperiled.” More information:” This video is good for exploring environmental ideology and environmental discourses.

Outdoor Education – Toys R Us Parody

This should be shown along with the Toys R Us ad. This short grassroots video responds to Toys R Us by showing the benefits of outdoor education. The discourses around the benefits of outdoor education can be compared to how it is represented in the Toys R Us ad.